Moon Balance

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This full moon tea is a specific blend of herbs that you drink during the time of a full moon to enhance the feelings you may have during this phase. With two things in mind: grounding and intuition. Many people feel scattered during this moon phase because the energy is so potent. Along with feeling the high energy, you may have a heightened intuitive sense. This tea will bring you down to earth while still being able to tap into the magic. Women can also brew this tea during that time they are dealing with menstrual  cramps.

Ingredients: mugwort, lavender florets, hibiscus, butterfly pea flowers, rose petals, stevia leaf and lemon peel.

Tips for brewing:

Traditional preparation of full moon tea is made by placing all ingredients into a mason jar, then placing it outside or in a windowsill overnight. It will steep, as well as absorb the energy from the full moon. We like to set our tea out the night before the full moon hits its peak. The full moon energy is still potent 2 days before and after the actual full moon. This way, the tea will still absorb the moon energy and you can drink it during the fullest part of the full moon. A faster preparation of full moon tea can be brewed like any other tea without losing the herbal benefits.

Simply place all the ingredients in a reusable tea bag or tea ball and steep in hot water for 8-10 minutes, it will brew bright pink.