Kiss Those Blues Goodbye

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Kiss those bad vibes away bring on only good vibrations! This blend is nothing short of a mood boosting dream and is our verison of a natural sweet tea without the added sugars. Acts as a natural solution to balance anxiety and stress. Butterfly Pea Flowers help to promote a more positive mind set while increasing productivity. Stevia being a the natural sweetner, you wont need to add any extra or worry about negative health effects from this herb. 

Tea Benefits Include:

-Helps turn that frown 

-Mood boosting

- High levels of Vitamin A,C,E

 Ingredients: Organic Butterfly Pea Flowers, Organic Stevia leaf, Organic Marigolds, Organic Strawberry Leaf,Organic Papaya flower Leaf

Our recomendation to truly enjoy this blend would be to pour over ice with a lemon or  orange wedge to get a whole new experience.This magical tea has color changing properties when citrus is added to it. Sip it naked and try in with cold foam milk or any non dairy product for a iced blue latte.

Steeping time between 8 to 15 minutes.