Herbal Aromatherapy Sprays

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Looking for an entieing way to spice the atmosphere and stimulate the senses? Try spritzing one of our room sprays to impart a deeply intriguing fragrance that is sure to get the attention of anyone that enters.

These all botanical herbs and flowers are chosen because of their association with healing and wellness. We have designed each room spray with the intention to bring a new level of self-care and indulgence. They will help draw in a new ambience by engaging the senses.

Ritual Aromatherapy Mists combined with floral waters and essential oils to promote sensuality, healing and emotional awareness to leave you feeling calm and collected.

Perfect for freshening up the room, adding some bounce to any linen and can even be used as a substitute to perfume.     

Our Herbal Scents & Ingredients 

Jasmine- dried organic jasmine flowers, vanilla essential oil(planifolia extract)& bergmount essential oil.

Rose- dried organic red rose petals, vanilla essential oil(planifolia extract)& chamomile Romina essential oil.

Sage- dried white sage leaves, sage & bergmont essential oils.

Lavender- dried organic lavender florets & lavender essential oil.

Organic & natural so you can enjoy without the worries of harsh chemicals. All sprays are made with organic witch hazel and infused herbal water that is paired to each mist.